I expect many of you have ended your seasons or they are winding down. Our team’s regular season ended the first weekend in November and we’re busy getting prepared for two post season tournaments. So apologies for light posting – things have been pretty hectic, both with soccer and other things.

My U12 Girls team had an interesting season as things took a strange turn late in the season. Hopefully we all learned from it. Lots of posts coming during the off season on things like parent perception, dealing with the mental part of the youth game, slumps, and more.

We’re likely to face some of our toughest opponents ever as a team this weekend, so wish us luck. It’ll be interesting to see how the girls handle it – I think the girls are getting excited about it.

And yes, I’m being vague on purpose – since many of my players now read this site – I don’t want to post more details until after our Fall season is over.

So consider this an open thread to discuss your own seasons and experiences.