Our soccer league started up a TopSoccer program for special needs kids this Fall, and it’s been a resounding success thanks to the tireless efforts of some of our parent volunteers who took the initiative and ran with it. When they first mentioned doing it I was concerned we might have trouble finding enough participants given the size of our town (~10,000), but even if only a couple children participated, it was worth it. The response has taken everyone pleasantly by surprise and last night the program was featured on our local TV News broadcast:

So a huge shout out to Kristy and the many other MYSA TopSoccer volunteers and buddies who got this program off the ground for so many kids who normally wouldn’t get a chance to play! US Youth Soccer has rolled out a training course for TopSoccer administrators and coaches, so touch base with your State DOC to see if you can get the training locally. This is a fantastic program and a great way for soccer leagues to give something back to their community.

ADDING: Here is some newspaper coverage the program recently received as well.