I’m sure there are other teams across the world that do similar things, but for those that don’t, they should. What a wonderful story. The Columbia women’s soccer team has taken a young girl under their wing who suffers from an incurable genetic condition. What started out as a one night kick around at practice has grown into a young girl who faces an uncertain future becoming an honorary part of the team. How cool is that?

Believe it or not, this is the kind of thing many competitive travel teams should do as well. The  younger kids think the older players are ‘so cool’. My U12 girls team recently did a skills clinic for U6/U8 age players and the younger girls LOVED it. Sure – it wasn’t doing something as touching as this story, but the idea is you can teach your team a little bit about giving back. I’ll have a more in depth post on that later.

But all around cool story I had to share.

H/T wavedad @ NC Soccer Forum