You might think that loud obnoxious parents are ‘Soccer Parents From Hell’ in a coach’s eyes, but they aren’t. Debra-Lynn explains about true soccer parents from hell over at Journey in Parenting:

We are the parents who make the coach think really hard about retiring, the ones who always forget to pay our fees, who can never figure out how to download the applications, whose son’s shirt is the only one with chocolate ice cream stains on game day.

And the list goes on. It’s a very funny read. But in all seriousness, there are parents like this and it can make coaching or running a league very difficult. My standard line for parents is to imagine the work required by a league official to do what they can’t be bothered to. Now multiply that times 250 or 1000. It adds up, so every little bit of help parents can give (like turning forms/fees in on time, etc.) can save the sanity of some poor volunteer or underpaid office staffer.

Of course there is always an upside to having a soccer parent from hell on your team:

With me and my husband on the team, all the other parents get to feel pretty good about themselves.

With us dragging up the rear, they get to feel downright perfect.

True enough! 🙂