goal_200.jpgIf you purchased a folding soccer goal in recent years, you should measure the size of the net squares to see if they are 4″ or 5″ across. Regent Sports Corp is recalling these nets, made under the Mitre and MacGregor name, after a toddler got his head tangled in a net and died before his mother could cut him free:

The voluntary recall was expected to be announced by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. It affects goals sold under the MacGregor and Mitre brand names that have nets with a 5-inch grid; those with a 4-inch grid are not included in the recall.

Last year in Texas, a 21-month-old boy tried to climb on one of the MacGregor nets from the back of the goal. He fell through the mesh, and the polyethylene cord contracted around his neck.

The toddler was in a fenced-in treeless backyard that contained only the soccer goal and carpet grass. By the time the mother realized what had happened, the cord around his neck was so tight, she was unable to pull his head back through.

It’s unfortunate something like this was allowed to happen. It’s been known for years that all sorts of things with moderate size openings were a danger to kids getting their head caught. Cribs, railings, etc. But with millions of soccer nets out there, nobody thought to check if they were all 4″ or less? CPSC? Anyone? Even worse – the company switched to 4″ netting in April of 2007 but is only recalling the old nets now? Companies don’t switch to a more expensive part without a reason – they had to know this was a danger. This accident happened in October of 2007 – five months after the company switched net types and yet they waited almost a year after the accident to implement a recall? For shame!

Why does it always take a tragedy for people to do the right thing? If you visit the Regent- Sports website – there is no mention of any recall, current or planned.

Anyway – I’ve seen many people with these nets and I have two of them myself – sure enough – with 5″ netting. The CPSC says people should return the nets to Regent for a replacement. Since Regent hasn’t posted information about the recall yet, my guess would be use the main Regent address or email customer service to see what they say:

Regent Sports Corp.
45 Ranick Rd.
Hauppauge, NY 11788
[email protected]

I’m emailing them this evening and will post any return instructions I get.

H/T yhatemetoo @ NC Soccer Forum

UPDATE: Here is the official Consumer Product Safety Commission announcement.