Like many of you, Soccer Dad has urchins that love to go to soccer camp. We make an effort to send them to full day camps that can offer more than just on field instruction. Swimming, games, movies, dining hall, etc. are also standard fare to keep things fun. We are lucky to have so many universities nearby with solid soccer programs and the facilities to offer programs like this. But I digress. The key point is our two oldest are having a lot of fun this week at soccer camp.

As any parent of a soccer camper knows, the biggest challenge is the laundry and keeping them in clean clothes, especially if they swim each day. They need multiple changes of clothes, towels, extra shoes, socks, swim suits, and so on. You try to do laundry every night, but even then, the kids try to pick out different changes of clothes so they aren’t wearing the same thing every day.

Well, I guess it was only a matter of time. As we were emptying out the soccer bags after another day at camp, my wife pulled out a pair of soccer socks that looked, well, odd. Soccer socks are straight – no heel. Just a fabric tube. This pair had a heel and angled at the bottom. Whoops! One of them had grabbed and worn a pair of my black dress socks by mistake! I wonder if they ever realized it. Soccer Mom and I thought it was hysterical, but didn’t have the heart to point out this little fashion faux pas. So I blogged about it instead!