Baseball Mom has a great list “You Know You’re A Coach’s Wife When…” from the perspective of a baseball mom. A number of them could just as easily be for soccer wives!

8. People are paying you for trophies, tournaments, and parties.

9. You have a category in your email address book for team people, so you can send out practice reminders and game changes.

10. You know the website to look up tournaments in your area.

11. Your crock pot gets a workout during baseball season.

I know I really shouldn’t make an attempt at this since I’m, well, the coach and not the coach’s wife, but what’s life if you don’t live a little dangerously?

So here’s five I can think of.

You Know You’re A Soccer Coach’s Wife When…

1. You’ve gone from having cocktail parties to having end of season team parties.

2. The icemaker is empty three times a week on the same days.

3. You wonder how you went from having a couple of kids to worry about to having a dozen.

4. You find yourself brushing grass clippings off your clothes after driving to work on Monday.

5. You’re thankful there’s another woman in your husband’s life because it means you’re not the team manager!

What others can you all come up with? Extra credit for the first person to come up with five items for You Know You’re A Soccer Coach’s Husband When… I think that would be even more fun!