The 2008 USYSA Southern Regionals are underway here in North Carolina, with teams form across the southeast looking to advance to the USYSA National Championships. Here’s a look at the rather muddy and wet start to the event.

I’m only an hour or so away from the action, but don’t believe I’ll be able to get over to see any of it due to other commitments. Anyway, the local newspaper in Raleigh (News & Observer) has been publishing a number of articles related to youth soccer leading up to and during the event that I found enjoyable reads, so I figured I’d share them:

  • Soccer spotlight on region highlights the economic impacts of so many visitors attending a youth sporting event.
  • Soccer consumes families’ lives gives a high level look at the travel and commitment involved for kids playing on regional teams. The end of the article highlighted what many parents with kids on travel teams know – you spend a LOT of time with your kids, not only traveling to remote matches, but also before and after the matches. You wouldn’t think so – but it’s true.
  • Regional tournament draws recruiters talks about some of the stress players endure knowing many collegiate recruiters attend events like this. A notable quote talks about how many recruiters don’t bother trying to see kids in high school since it’s so much easier to see the players at large tournaments like this. Something to consider if you play in high school but not for your local club.
  • Finally both the N&O and WRAL, a local TV station, have photo galleries up.

The N&O doesn’t use any type of tagging system, so it’s hard to pull up just the articles related to the regionals, but you can check their main Sports Page daily. I highlight these to give a local flair to the regionals. Official coverage of all the regional tournaments can be found at the USYSA Championships site.

H/T Incite