Dozens of people responsible for youth soccer schedules across North Carolina starting screaming in unison. Why you ask? Because we just had another weekend of soccer rained out – the third weekend this season… so far. Travel teams are looking at 1-2 weeks before the end of season tournaments/seedings begin and many still have 3-4 matches left to play. We’ve postponed so many Rec matches, we’re going to have to start having teams play twice in one day or weekend (common for travel teams – but Rec? Not so much).So this Sunday, the 7th day, has been a non-stop ‘how can we reschedule all these matches’ fun fest.

North Carolina has been in a record setting drought, and all this rain has been sorely needed. But does it always have to rain Thursday through Sunday? Can’t we get the storms on Monday or Tuesday so the fields are ready for matches on Friday and Saturday?

Of course, making things even more exciting for us – we play most of our Recreation matches on Saturday mornings. We just found out today that one of our school districts needed to makeup a winter weather cancellation, and chose a Saturday in April to do it. So we just had to reschedule a fourth weekend of matches. The fun never ends!