There is an interesting thread going on over at Talk On The Pitch about the pros and cons of travel soccer for U10 age players. I see a number of search referrals for ‘Pros and Cons of Travel Soccer‘ both here and at TOTP. Even locally I know a number of long time Rec parents who have kids who have played since they were U4 or U5 are unsure what travel soccer is all about. So it would be interesting to hear from some of you who have kids in travel soccer what some of the less obvious pros and cons are, either for younger players (ie U10), or overall.

So share some of your thoughts on travel soccer, be it ‘entry level’ like our regional Challenge program, state-wide (Select), or regional (Premiere). I’ll put some of the best ones together in a future post and maybe we can help parents unfamiliar with travel soccer with what to expect if their child makes a team.