g2.pngI had a chance to grab some G2 the other day – better known as diet Gatorade. They had it on sale for 50 cents a bottle at Wally World, so I grabbed a case for my Challenge team before their tournament this past weekend. It was gone by the end of the day and the reaction from most of my players was positive. Personally, I think it tastes fine, and with half the calories of regular Gatorade it helps me battle the expanding waistline. No, I’m not saying you should encourage your players to drink G2 because they need to lose weight. That’s a concern more for the adults – most soccer players burn through plenty of calories to the point some Gatorade is unlikely to harm them. But given how popular Gatorade has gotten outside of hard core athletes, this development and release of G2 is a welcome event. I know I’ll be drinking it – and yes I know water has zero calories and rehydrates just as well. I just like a chug of Gatorade after exercising vs. just plain water.

I hope it succeeds so they’ll release more flavors. So far I like the purple kind the best. (one can never name Gatorade types by flavor – it’s all about the color! “Hey I want a light blue Frost!”) How about you? Have you tried it? What did you think?