Over at Main St. USA, they note with glee:

Confirmed: Dave O’Brien and Eric Wynalda are out as MLS’ #1 broadcast team and will be replaced by JP Dellacamera and John Harkes.

Please, please, please, let them be out as the USSoccer announcers, too. If I ever have to hear Dave O’Brien reveal his sketchy knowledge of soccer again, it will be too soon.

One can only hope Dave O’Brien will return to ‘focus on baseball’. But I hate to see Eric Wynalda go. He’s opinionated, sure. But his broadcasts were always entertaining. Hopefully he’ll still be covering US Soccer matches, alongside Bruce Arena where the tension can be cut with a knife. Always fun.

If JP and Harkes are the #1 team, who is going to step up to be the second team? Who would you like to see?­