Martha over at The Offside highlights a Nike commercial showing Kobe Bryant lacing up some cleats and drilling a soccer ball into a net:

Even funnier though is this video of Freddy Adu talking smack to Kobe via video:

So the next time one of your young soccer players talks about basketball, let them know that a basketball player like Kobe almost decided to try and play professional soccer:

When Bryant was six, his father left the NBA, moved his family to Italy, and started playing professional basketball there. Bryant became accustomed to the lifestyle there and learned to speak fluent Italian. At an early age, he learned to play soccer and at first his favorite team was AC Milan. He has said that if he had stayed in Italy, he would have tried to become a professional soccer player, and that his favorite team is FC Barcelona. Bryant is a big fan of FC Barcelona manager Frank Rijkaard and Barça star Ronaldinho.