The minivan and soccer will be forever linked in America’s id. Soccer moms (and dads) driving the kids to practice in the practical vehicle became second nature to us. As a kid I swore I’d never drive a ‘moon mobile’ because that’s what they looked like back then. But after our first child was born, we got one and it’s the most practical vehicle we could have gotten.

Minivans have seen improvements over time: Video entertainment systems, folding seats, power doors and tailgates, GPS navigation systems, etc. But none of that has been revolutionary. But this is revolutionary for soccer families all over:


This is the new “Swivel ‘n GoTM” system in the 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan. No high tech wizardry here. Just seats the swivel and a small table. How fantastic would this be when you go to a tournament or are driving to an away match? Now instead of having guilty thoughts of taking an RV to your next soccer tournament, you’ve got your own little living space in the minivan.

And yes, the system is certified for ‘in motion’ so you can have the kids facing each OTHER while your driving and they say ‘are we there yet?’ Very very cool. Now I just need to eat beany weenie for a few years so we can afford one! 🙂 I just wish they’d have done a better job on the exterior – the front of this thing is NOT attractive. But I’d get over it to have the swivel seats and table!

ADDING: No – I wasn’t paid to post this. I just think it’s a really cool idea.