Long time readers know I can disappear for stretches, usually during the youth soccer seasons, and this time is no different. I’ve been buried, but I brought it on myself. Let’s see… Three kids playing soccer, two on travel teams, plus Soccer Dad is coaching a U10 Rec team and a U11G Challenge team that don’t have any of his kids on them. Can you say scheduling nightmare? Oh yes, and I’m still serving as president of our league. Crazy? Yes. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’m having an absolute blast, but my spare time for blogging got a bit tight as we worked to get things for the Fall season organized. Now that all the paperwork and registration stuff is done – I have more time to focus on the important stuff – like telling you all how crazy I am!

So sorry for the absence. I definitely missed writing and exchanging comments with everyone.

The good news is I wasn’t totally ignoring the site. The forums are up and running, fully configured, and ‘this close’ to being released to ‘the wild’ for everyone to use. Just a bit more theme work to make it fit in with On The Pitch. I know forums are a tough thing to maintain, but I’ve maintained them before and think this could be a lot of fun, having a wide variety of forums that focus on youth soccer and just youth soccer. So if you think you’ll want to participate, go ahead and signup for an On The Pitch account. Beyond the forums it’ll help the site ‘remember’ you when you comment (less likely to get caught in the spam filters). I’m also working on some other neat services that accounts will come in handy for. Don’t worry – I won’t share your info with ANYone.

I’ve got all sorts of stuff jammed in my ‘to write’ queue, so now I just need to sit down and write!