Best parent/player moment of the tournament I was at this weekend? I’m watching a hard fought U11 Girls Challenge match. Scoping out the competition for my own U11 team since most of the teams at the tournament are in our league. The game was VERY close and the parents were getting louder and louder. Some cheering, some not cheering – you know how it goes. One Dad, who wasn’t being ugly, but was yelling at his daughter, said something to her. She turns and stares daggers at him and points at him then to the ground. Her message was clear: SIT!

The Dad was like “OK, I’ll quiet down..” she shook her head, continued glaring, and pointed downward again. Sure enough – the Dad sat down and was a whole lot quieter for the rest of the match.

I almost laughed out loud. I think I’ll be sharing that trick with my girls as well. Parents bugging you from the sidelines? Point at them to sit.