I guess it hasn’t really sunk in yet, even though I was there at tryouts, was there when she found out she made the team, and have taken her to practice these last few weeks. But only now, the night before her first match, is it really sinking in that my only daughter, Soccer Dad’s little girl, is playing Challenge soccer now. She’s headed out to the Twin City Classic for a little preseason warmup action. At 8AM. Saturday AND Sunday. How lucky is that? Can I shoot the match scheduler now, even if just to wound? If you happen to be at the TCC, I’ll be easy to recognize. Just look for the guy with an espresso IV … in both arms.

This will definitely be a developing year as her U10 team is mostly U9s (as is she) with only 3 true U10 players on it. But she’s very excited, has friends on the team she’s grown up playing with, and hopefully will learn a lot in preparation for her real U10 year. She was like a kid at Christmas when she got her uniform today. I’ll admit I had fun with the window chalk, painting her name for once instead of her brother’s.

So good luck princess. Your Soccer Dad is so proud. Have fun, be safe, play hard, and enjoy.