One thing I haven’t done enough of is post reviews of various soccer products and books I’ve used/read. Initially it was because I just didn’t encounter all that much stuff coaching 4 year olds beyond a ball, whistle, cones, and a ball bag 🙂 But now I’m coming across more things I find I’d like to write about. So there will definitely be some reviews coming. So far, these are all products I’ve purchased and used (or my kids have used). I’d happily review products sent my way, but I’d also make it clear that the products were provided for that purpose.

Soccer being the simple (*cough*) sport that it is – there aren’t that many different types of things to review and things like cleats/balls are often a matter of personal preference. But then there are the instructional books and videos for youth soccer, where they number in the thousands. So there’s plenty to wade through there. Where to start?

Every once in a while I come across something unique too, so those will be fun to write about. If you have ideas for a product to review, let me know!