As longtime readers know, Soccer Dad and Soccer Mom have our own little small sided team at home with four rather rambunctious children, aged 2 through 10. Well #3 just clued us in to how much we have in store for us. He’s 4 years old right now.

Today I’m working at my desk when I hear this loud crash/thud and #3 screaming ‘Ow, Ow, Ow, Ow!’ Not good. He limps out of the bedroom and proceeds to show me his foot, which has a couple small cuts on the bottom of it.

"What did you do!?!?!?!" I ask, knowing I didn’t want to hear the answer.

"He jumped off the top bunk bed and landed on this plastic puzzle block" the eldest informs me. And you watched him do this without stopping him why???

The plastic block is crushed into many pieces (and it was HARD plastic). I check him out – all seems OK thankfully. Just a couple small cuts. Soccer Dad’s heart rate returns to sort of normal. We put a bandage on it and he is fine.

When Soccer Mom gets home, she sees the block, hears the story, manages not to faint, and asks why in the world he jumped off the bunk bed.

"So I could fly Mommy!"

Soccer Mom informs him that he can’t fly and that he could really hurt himself doing stuff like that. As if on cue he replies…

"Well than can you get me a parachute?"

Somewhere an insurance adjuster just felt a pain. I’m wondering if encouraging #3 to play soccer with studded shoes on his feet will be such a good idea and how many times I’ll have to drag him off the cross bar of a goal wanting to take a swan dive.