Watching ‘Mom my ride’ over at LDSM, Soccer Mom, it reminded me I had a minivan post of my own to write. Our poor minivan is pushing 10 years old and we abuse the heck out of it. All those commercials of the gleaming minivan, kids in a spotless soccer uniform, scuff free soccer ball – they must only have one child 🙂 Camping trips involve, 4 kids, 2 adults, usually one of the three dogs, and the popup trailer. Add in all the stuff that goes with 4 kids, 2 adults, and a dog, and available space is at a premium. Since I coach U8 and U10, I have to carry a bag of Size 3 balls and a bag of Size 4 balls, plus the water cooler, plus the gear bag. I’m amazed I haven’t blown the back window out yet trying to close it. However, probably the worst abuse is when it’s time to restock the concession stand. $600 later at Costco and the back seat removed, we have enough drinks to quench the thirst of a small army. And cause my hitch to ride 3" off the ground!


Remember – it goes three cases deep! This wasn’t the worst trip. That was the first time we stocked up and we had to buy a refrigerator and metal shelving. I had a 4′ x 8′ utility trailer hitched up. The van was full, the trailer had the fridge, shelves, and lots of drink cases. I think the total damage that day was about $1300, but we made it back to the fields! Probably the most abusive thing we ever did to the poor minivan was when we tore down our old garage to build the new one you see above. We knocked out the side cinder block walls with sledgehammers, then hooked a chain up to one corner and used the minivan to pull it down! I wasn’t pressing the gas when we did it – just using the momentum of the van to jerk it over, but still not something you’ll see in a commercial! The things you do when you don’t own a truck. Time to buy those lottery tickets so I can afford one.