Over at The Mike Abundo Effect, he highlights a new short film from Head In The Oven called The Jeannie Tate Show. This short film is a talk show spoof where the hostess is a soccer mom on the run in her mini-van interviewing Bill Hader from Saturday Night Live (he’s married to Maggie Carey who put Head in the Oven together). Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

Mike notes in his post:

in an age of democratized video production and distribution, it could actually happen. What if a clichéd American soccer mom tried to run a talk show from her minivan?

What if? Think of all the hours you’ve sat in the mini-van with the heat on as the kids practice in the cold. A video camera, some video editing software, and you could be YouTube famous! The soccer fields are always full of intrigue! Think of the drama!