boombox2_1.jpgWe recently had some coaches come in to hold a demonstration clinic for our Challenge coaches. They demonstrated a variety of drills they like to run the kids through and it was a lot of fun. They did one thing I found really interesting. They brought a boombox with a CD full of music with a steady, mid-tempo beat (funk, jazz, dance). The kids loved it and when we asked them about it they said at a recent conference someone presented that having music at workouts helped the kids keep moving and they seemed to stay on their toes more and moved about quicker. It sounds like a gimmick, but a number of us watching swore we saw the kids move differently and quicker than usual during drills and even during a scrimmage. Even if it was all in our imagination – it was still fun and the kids had a blast.

So I’m thinking I may need to find a decent boombox for practices as many of my kids were the ‘demo team’ during this clinic and they won’t stop bugging me about it. The trick is finding a decent boombox that won’t get destroyed if we get a little rain. Sony makes a really nice unit that has some water tolerance – but its almost $140! I may just buy a cheap $20 one at Wal-Mart and replace it if it gets wet 🙂 I could by seven for that price!

Have any of you done music at practice? What music collection have you found the kids liked? I may try some Mega-Mix CDs. If I do end up trying it out, I’ll keep you posted!