No matter how many times our DOCs tell us never to shout at our players during a match, we still do from time to time. Over at the NC Soccer Forum, there’s a thread going on about those ‘Cleat In Mouth’ moments we’ve all had as coaches. Here’s one of mine:

I took my Co-ed U10’s to the Rec State Cup since they’d had a really good season and we wanted them to do something many hadn’t done before – travel to a tournament. Our team of 5 boys and 4 girls were playing in the U10 Boys division against all boys teams. I kinda chuckled before some matches when the boys on the other team were giggling that we had GIRLS on our team. Well, one of my girls has a shot that can knock the goal back if it hits the post. In our league when she winds up, kids usually duck because they’ve played against her before.

Anyway, she found herself alone with the ball on the right wing just over midfield and finding nobody open, decided to wind up. One of the defenders figures it’s an easy shot to block so he charges towards her just as she lets loose a rocket. WHAM! This kid took it full bore and barely stayed on his feet. I know he had stitch marks on his stomach.

Now my team had been hesitant to shoot for much of the first half, so being excited that they had finally taken a SHOT, I instinctively yell out ‘YEAH! Do it AGAIN!’

It took me about 3 seconds to realize that really sounded bad – I had to explain to the other coach – "I meant shoot again! not bean your player!" I felt like such an idiot.

Of course this one wins hands down so far. Ooops.

Have you had a cleat in mouth moment as a coach or parent? Do tell!