When you think of books you wouldn’t want to see your team moms reading, one titled Ninja Soccer Moms would likely be close to the top of the list. No good can come from a book with a title like that 🙂 Who knows what they might do! Seriously though, talk about your sordid ‘tales from the pitch’:

Samantha Shaw hates soccer. A slave to her son’s team for too many years to count, she was glad to hand the ball over to a new generation of moms when her life took a few very unexpected turns. But she doesn’t have a problem with revenge–especially when it’s directed toward cheating ex-husbands. So when Janie Tuggle, the former wife of town hero and championship-winning soccer coach Chad, informs Sam that her ex is embezzling funds from the team coffers, Sam doesn’t mind leaving her Heart Mates clients to their own devices while she investigates.

A run-in with Chad leaves Sam positive that the weasel is not only cheating the team to the tune of $16,000, but had been cheating on Janie every chance he got. Exposing him will be a pleasure–but before she can make a call, she learns from police detective Logan Vance that Chad’s been found dead in his office. And, as usual, Sam is a prime suspect… Of course, so is Janie, and Sam assures her that she’ll clear both of their names, with Gabe’s help. But to her surprise, her boyfriend and sleuthing partner has clammed up–because he’s investigating the case for Dara Reed, the sexy, scantily clad team mom who had been Chad’s latest lover.

I bring this up because Soccer Mom’s sister got her a copy and she’s been enjoying it immensely. I told her she needs to write a review for the site so we’ll see. The Amazon reviews make it sound like a fun read but not high literature.

Of course real life is usually more bizarre than fiction. Embezzling $160,000 from a youth soccer league in less than three years??? Of course it’s even worse when it’s a family affair. There’s a special place in hell for people like this!