MightyMouse over at BigSoccer has an interesting insight from ESPN espanol this morning:

The real reason Klinsmann walked away from the deal, according to ESPN espanol this morning, was that Klinsmann asked for guarantees from both the USSF and MLS that he would get the players he wanted for the upcoming tournaments. According to a reporter from ESPN, they mentioned his name and I forgot it, in an exclusive interview that Klinsmann walked away from the deal once both MLS and the USSF did NOT guarantee that all star players would be available for the tournaments.

That was all that was said and it makes sense. If Klinsmann is going to go out there and represent the USA and he doesn’t get 100% backing for the players he chooses then there is no need for him to be coaching as it takes control out of his hands. This was the sticking point as all else HAD BEEN AGREED ON and Trecker was correct in that assumption. Klinsmann had agreed but did an abrupt U-turn when this point came up in later talks.

Rumor, grain of salt, speculation, etc, etc. Nothing on SoccerNet yet. But it makes sense and fits what we know.

If I was a young rising star on the international coaching scene, I wouldn’t agree to this either, no matter how much money is paid. If you’re going to compete, you need access to the best players when you need them. Guess we’ll be in the 30’s for a while. Sigh.