I happened to notice a URL I hadn’t seen before in my referral data, so gave it a look. It’s a site called SquadInfo and is a news aggregator which searches for Premiership news from Google, Yahoo, and BBC Sport as well as YouTube, Yahoo Images/Pictures and Google Blogsearch. You can limit the search by club as well. I give them two thumbs up for site design as it is very clean, flexible, and easy to use. You can hide given boxes or expand them to include excerpts. Only disconcerting thing is the lack of ANY ‘About’ information, i.e. will this be a commercial service soon (it says ‘Beta’ but so do tons of other sites, some of which stay in Beta forever), who runs it, etc. The WHOIS info is just from their webhost in Chicago. What would make this service top notch would be an aggregated RSS feed of the various news sources, both for Premiership and per club (hint, hint).

But overall, a neat site. Especially for a webhead like me – I found the design very well done.