Over at LDSM Soccer Mom, Lisa notes a Bloomberg article where Tiger Woods states he doesn’t plan to be a Soccer Dad because soccer isn’t physical enough:

Tiger Woods said that no matter how much golf he’s playing in 20 years, he won’t be a "soccer dad."

Woods, a 30-year-old American who won his 11th major golf title at last month’s British Open, said he hopes his child will play the U.S. brand of football.

"No, not soccer," Woods, the world’s top-ranked golfer, told reporters today at Medinah Country Club, site of this week’s PGA Championship. "Hopefully something more physical."

This coming from a golfer. How ironic. Lisa found it ironic for other reasons as well:

Anyone else think this is really ironic?

I can’t wait till he has kids, and his son wants to be a ballet dancer or, better yet, hates all physical activity.

Like you can DECIDE what sport your kid will play.

Oh…wait. Tiger’s dad did just that, didn’t he?

Never mind.


Meanwhile I’ll go back to drafting my seasonal email to our league parents highlighting how soccer IS a contact sport and when little Jack runs into little Jill, they’re going to fall down, it’s going to hurt, and the referee probably won’t be blowing the whistle. So they shouldn’t get all worked up about it. Unless Jack shoved her or something.