I’ve mentioned before the fun our kids have had ball chasing at Duke’s soccer matches. Jarrett over at TriSoccerFan also volunteers from time to time. But who knew that being a match volunteer was so fraught with danger? The Soccersphere’s very own LDSM was working the Sheffield Wednesday vs USL All-Stars game and well…

This is a match at which I volunteered to work and subsequently got hit in the head with a stray ball, which my children got to see on FSN, much to their great amusement. Of course it was DVR-ed, so they would watch it over and over.

I expect the children will be posting the YouTube remix of this moment any day now 🙂 And you just KNOW all the friends got called immediately. ‘Dude! You gotta come over here and see what my Mom did on TV!’ Trust me – Soccer Dad has 4 kids. They live for moments like these.

You know it was bad enough when you’d get caught in an embarrassing moment by your kids and they’d tell their friends. Now they can tell or even worse show EVERYbody via YouTube and MySpace! Ah progress.