Couldn’t resist posting this. Our 1 year old is a soccer nut (there’s a shock 🙂 ). He was practically born on the soccer fields (he was born in late August, nuff said). I think his first outing to the fields happened when he was 5 days old. Needless to say, if he sees a ball of any kind, he’s going to run over and kick it. He loves to ‘borrow’ a skills ball from an older sibling and kick it around the house barefoot. Well, yesterday morning he decided he was going to put on his older brother’s cleats and give it a go. He dragged the cleats off the shoe rack and found himself a soccer ball (A size 4 no less, Soccer Dad is SO proud!). Yes, he was actually kicking the ball around the mud room with those huge cleats dangling on his feet. Too much. After dinner we had GolTV on watching some Columbian Futbol, so the little one plops down and watches. As soon as he heard GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!! He jumps up, says ‘Yay!’ and starts to clap. Be afraid.