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Soccer Carnival Time

Tweet I know they say too much of a good thing can be bad for you, but hey – two soccer blog carnivals on the same day! Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooal! The American Soccer Carnival hits its 3rd edition over at The Fool’s Prerogative with a number of quality posts about ‘The Way Forward’ for US Soccer. The […]

Summer Camp Sensation(alization)

Tweet As many of you know, one thing that drives me crazy is people who tar an entire segment of something based on the bad behavior of a select few. Lest we forget, not ALL parents of kids in sports are ‘Sports Kids Moms and Dads‘. So, lets just say I wasn’t thrilled to see […]

DCenters as Dissenters

Tweet I’ll admit that I tend to read political blogs a bit more than is healthy. But you often find 2nd tier stories being talked about that you might miss from the MSM. The one thing they ALL have, however, is some level of dissent. Look around the Soccersphere and, well, we don’t. No, I […]

You Whine, You Win

Tweet Nice to see the Italians are working so hard to shake their reputation of winning by whining. The Italian clubs implicated in a match-fixing scandal have had their punishments slashed on appeal. Lazio and Fiorentina have been reinstated to Serie A – but with points deductions increased from 12 to 19 for Fiorentina and […]

US Soccer – Now What?

Tweet In the past two months we’ve seen our US Men’s Team head to Germany, exhibit mostly conservative play, get schooled, and lose their head coach. While many may be distressed by this turn of events, I see an opportunity for a new beginning and fresh start. In keeping with the topic of the upcoming […]

Little Kids Get It…

Tweet I swore to myself I wouldn’t post another word about ‘the headbutt’. But these aren’t my words. They’re joe’s: even though Zidane’s headbutt was absolutely shameful, I am a huge fan of it. Bad for his legacy, great for soccer. Pardon monsieur, don’t apologize to the children. Are you kidding? Little kids love ramming […]

Soccer Moms – Where Are You?

Tweet Being a sports parent is an interesting endeavor. You want your kids to succeed at whatever they do and when they choose to play sports, you are instantly thrust into this balancing act between encouraging your kids and not being viewed as one of ‘those parents’. There are a few bad apples in every […]

The Carnival Is Coming To Town!

Tweet I tend to think of myself as a fairly informed person when it comes to web technologies, services, blogs, etc. I ran websites back when ‘The Web’ was still called ‘The WWW’ and the webserver of choice was from CERN. So did I ever feel silly when I was reading ThroughBall and realized I […]

Those Are Some Big Cleats To Fill!

Tweet Couldn’t resist posting this. Our 1 year old is a soccer nut (there’s a shock 🙂 ). He was practically born on the soccer fields (he was born in late August, nuff said). I think his first outing to the fields happened when he was 5 days old. Needless to say, if he sees […]

Hello Triangle Soccer Fanatics!

Tweet I wanted to welcome everyone stopping by from Triangle Soccer Fanatics. Jarrett is taking a short break and gave On The Pitch a shoutout, plus he included our feed in his sidebar (thanks Jarrett!) Spend the weekend browsing around if you’re new to On The Pitch. I’ve got a bunch of stuff queued up […]

Help Design The Dave O’Brien Training Program

Tweet The World Cup was clearly a success in the US. The final match between France and Italy drew over 17 million viewers (more than Game 6 of the NBA finals) The only downside to this is we’re still likely to be stuck with Dave O’Brien for a LONG time (2014). With John Harkes heading […]

How Can Something So Wrong Feel So Right?

Tweet I really don’t think FIFA should start handing out suspensions for verbal taunting or provocation. The precedent is spooky. But the little devil on my shoulder let out a big Gilliard like BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH when I read that Materazzi had gotten suspended for 2 matches thanks to his antics in the final. I know, I […]

No, Zidane Didn’t Knock Me Offline

Tweet Sorry for disappearing like that after the final! It’s been a hectic couple of weeks with limited computer access, so consider this a catchup post.

Sepp Blatter Is A Reformed Diver

Tweet The Guardian has a new article up where Sepp Blatter, President of FIFA, admits he used to dive when he played. Granted, most strikers have dived at one time or another I expect and you have to give Sepp credit for trying to cut back on diving in the World Cup. However, there is […]

A CONCACAF Nation Will Never Win The World Cup

Tweet Luis Bueno has an article up at CNNSI where he talks about the difficulties that CONCACAF nations face on the world soccer stage and also talks about they many common ‘solutions’ that have been proposed to lift CONCACAF out of the world’s soccer basement. Numerous theories abound on how to fix the region’s ails, […]