The upgrade to WordPress 2.0.3 went very well – I should have done it long ago. In addition to the core upgrade, I’ve installed some new features which I hope make the site easier to use and a bit more interactive. These are in addition to the changes I made yesterday.

First, you’ll notice that posting comments has changed. When you post a comment, instead of reloading the entire page, it uses AJAX to post the comment in the background. Your comment will just ‘appear’ when you click ‘Say It’. if your browser doesn’t support JavaScript or it is disabled, comments post normally by reloading the entire page.

Next, I’ve installed a poll package because every website has to have polls, right? I promise not to over use them too badly. Again, the polls use AJAX so when you vote, the poll updates in the background instead of loading the entire page.

In the next day or two you’ll see an envelope icon and printer icon appear that will allow you to email stories to friends and also print stories in an easy to read format. I’m toying with the idea of installing a WAP module that will allow easy cellphone access, but I may hold off on that. A number of these packges are plugins from Lester Chan.

Finally, I’ve installed a chat package that allows users to chat in real time within a normal site page. I think it might be cool to use during the upcoming World Cup matches. Live blogging can only go so far as it is one way. A chat would allow fans to cheer, vent, and comment about the match as it is occurring. I’ll post an announcement if I decide to release the chat page for use. Gotta sleep on it.

If anything is broken after the upgrade, please let me know! I’ve checked it out as much as I can and all seems well.

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