Now that we US fans have had a chance to sleep, hopefully the sting of yesterday’s loss is a little less intense. Mmmmmmmm Nope. Bruce really tore into the team and specific players yesterday in his frustration. Can’t say it was undeserved. But I’ve yet to read a single comment from him related to his game plan, which clearly didn’t work, and any mistakes he felt he made. 4-5-1?!?!?! Nobody thought that was smart. If Arena feels that his gameplan was sound, but the players just didn’t execute, we’re doomed. We’ve got nothing to lose against Italy so lets not stick with the status quo.

Coach Arena doesn't like what he sees

[Hat Tip The News Blog for this excellent picture]

I can understand Arena being frustrated. I just hope the players don’t take his comments to heart going into the Italy match. Keller told a reporter after hearing Arena’s comment about the kick to nowhere: "It wasn’t like I rolled the ball in front of the goal and let them volley it in." I think a little introspection by Coach Arena would be a good thing. The players know they didn’t play well, but hearing their coach take part of the blame would go a LONG way. There is enough blame to go around.

UPDATE: WorldCupBlog has the day after press conference from Coach Arena.

-Responsibility for defeat…

“I take all the blame. All. You can check all the boxes, you can blame it all on me.”

(he says this, but it’s not too convincing)

Good for him – it had to be said. Now on to Saturday!