Most soccer parents are familiar with ‘The Tunnel’. After the game is over and the teams shake hands, the parents join hands with each other and form an arched tunnel for the kids to run through while the parents cheer. Well, this past weekend after our U10 championship, one team’s parents pulled a fast one. After a tough loss, the parents formed the tunnel and the kids ran towards it like always. Just as the first kids reached the tunnel, the parents whipped out about 20 cans of silly string and sprayed the kids as they ran through the tunnel. Then the kids found the case with some unused cans and chased each other around the field hooting and hollering spraying anyone nearby with silly string (they chased the coaches a good 100 yards before they caught them with string). No joke the kids that WON the match were looking at the other team with envy! It was hard to tell who was happier after that match – the winners or the losers. Best. Tunnel. Ever.