Just a quick update on my U10 team’s tournament run. After coming out on fire in the quarter-finals, I had hoped we would be able to face the #3 team with equal intensity. We would need to as this team is fast and has a strong outside shooter who runs the length of the field breaking up runs and stealing the ball often. Unfortunately we seemed to slip back into the more passive mode of play that dogged us earlier this season. The forward passes and crosses from the quarter-final just weren’t there in the semi. We played hard, but didn’t pressure the ball handlers like we had before and certainly didn’t pass enough. This allowed their faster players to hassle our ball carriers all the time.

Still, we put on a respectable showing, losing 3-1. The team that beat us took the #1 team through regulation 1-1 in the final and lost 3-2 in the second shoot-out round. Both our U10 and U12 championship matches went to shoot-outs after very fast paced exciting matches, which was great to see.

So now I get to breathe a sigh of relief and maybe enjoy a LITTLE relaxation before we kick off registration for the Fall and hold our first Challenge tryouts later this month.