Sorry for the lack of posts. I’m working on a couple rather long ones and also haven’t had much time with our season entering the home stretch and our end of season tournament kicking off. Add to that our first ever Challenge tryouts coming up and the addition of a new rec division – it can get hectic!

But all that aside – we’re very excited that we have finally gotten to use the new soccer complex. We had a mild winter and the weather warmed up quickly this Spring so the turf ‘greened’ very quickly. Three of the four fields filled in VERY well. The fourth has some bare spots so we’re not using that one until the Fall.

We held off using the complex until our end of season tournament to give the grass time to thicken and strengthen. Of course Mother Nature had other plans and washed out the 2nd to last weekend of regular season matches and THEN washed out the makeup date for most of those matches. So we opened the complex early.

In a word, the complex is fantastic. The turf is in excellent shape considering its barely 9 months old. What a difference. We normally play on fields cut to around 2" and even when it has gone dormant, the grass slows the ball down a lot. On these fields the balls are FLYing across the field. The kids adjusted quickly and realized they can make the longer passes they might not have been able to make on the old fields.

The lighting is top notch and VERY quiet. The ballfield lighting was quite loud with all four fields lit – a constant buzzing from all directions. The new fields are very evenly lit with minimal shadowing and the ballasts are almost silent.

As part of the new complex, we are operating the concession stand to help raise money for the league and equipment. It has been an adventure and I’m sure to have a few posts soon highlighting what we encountered and learned.

But enough writing! My U10 team faces a tough team in the quarterfinals tonight and everyone is VERY excited!