Someone sent me a link to a really funny keeper video today and I got sucked into searching various video sites for Keeper’s Funniest Videos. Yes, in fact, I do have ADD Smiley But that’s another story.

From setting the ball down for an opponents easy shot to a shot no goalie with eyes could have saved, these are pretty funny. Do you know of some others you’d like to share? Post in the comments!

The video that started it all. When you are a keeper and you have the ball in your hands, setting it down can be, um, risky.

Obviously this keeper hadn’t seen the first video yet.

I, unfortunately, have watched one of my keepers just gaze at the ball as it goes by, thinking it would never go in, only to catch the far post. Sigh.

If you’re gonna kick to clear the ball, um, don’t whiff.

The goalie saves the day, until… well just watch till the end. ARF!

And finally, the key to making that successful save is to watch THE BALL. Never take your eye off the BALL. Of course this keeper can’t be blamed (Not Work Safe)…