While laughing at the RefBlog’s argument over a call that never happened, I noticed he had also posted up the current IFAB Law Change proposals. I won’t list them all here, so check them out at the source. But a couple would have impacts at the Rec level, requiring further Rec rule exemptions or leagues adapting.

  • Law 1 – Changing the corner arc to 2 meters. Needless to say, a 6 foot arc is pretty big for a youth field, even for U10/U12. I can’t imagine this passing even for the pros, though there definitely are some stadiums where the kicker has no room at all to run. I think TheRef is right in thinking this is meant partly to get discussions going about stadium layouts. Of course a bigger arc would give you more clearance from flag pole, but most kids learn to deal with the pole being nearby. Of course sometimes we have trouble getting our arcs drawn to the required 3 feet! Then things can get a little tight! If it passes, I’d expect youth laws to stick with the 1 meter arc.

  • Law 12 – Including throw-ins as a cautionable offense for failing to give proper distance. Can’t see why this would be a bad thing. Not that most rec leagues give yellow cards if the players crowd a restart, but it will clarify to new coaches that a throw-in can’t be blocked like a basketball throw-in!

  • Law 12 – Yellow Card for touching a dead ball that’s not yours. I can see how this would result in all sorts of upheaval if it passed and was enforced. We haven’t seen opponents trying to delay restarts by messing with a dead ball, but it wouldn’t surprise me. The example TheRef gives about players being carded for handing a ball to their opponent for a throw-in highlights how this could cause problems. But if it passes, it would be as simple as telling your kids "if the line judge doesn’t call your color, don’t touch the ball" It might take a few matches for kids to adjust, but they would adjust.

Can’t say there is anything earth shattering – but the touch an opponent’s dead ball change would be interesting for the first few matches!