Who says football and basketball have to have all the highlight films? MLS is holding an online vote for MLS Goal of the Decade. They have twenty clips up of MLS goals from 1996 through 2005. I’m sure the bicycle kicks will gather a lot of votes, but I agree with Marc Connolly out at US Soccer Players that John Wolyniec’s goal in 2003 was the best by far.

no matter how many times I watch so many of these familiar highlights from over the years, my opinion doesn’t change about which goal was the most impressive. It’s John Wolyniec’s from 2003. Hands down. His left-footed volley off of, what had to be, a 45-year [sic] ball from Amado Guevera was a once-in-a-lifetime goal.

No doubt. Being able to hit such a long arcing ball in mid air with your left foot and score – absolutely amazing.

Now as a coach, if I had to pick one to show my kids, it would be Jaime Moreno’s goal in 1998 from D.C. United vs. Colorado. So many sweet passes setting up a close up goal. The defense was literally running in circles.

So go vote – the second of four rounds of voting ends February 20th. They’ll cut it down to 10 goals on February 20th, 5 on February 27th, and announce a winner on March 6th.

Now the clip I want to find is one I caught on ESPN and wasn’t able to catch which match or league it was (probably Premiership). Direct kick and the camera lineup was perfect behind the kicker. The kick bent hard around the wall (and I mean around, not over top – it flew right by the head of the player on the end of the wall) and caught the right corner. The guy on the end of the wall spun around as the ball went by in disbelief that it bent so sharply.

UPDATE: Duh! I thought I had clicked on every goal they had available, but apparently not. The goal I was talking about at the end there was Dwayne De Rosario, October 15, 2005, S.J. Earthquakes vs. Los Angeles. Silly Me!