Here’s an interesting question for those of you in Recreational Soccer leagues U8 and above. If a player commits a cardable offense – will your refs actually show the card?

Our original referee coordinator felt it would be bad for kids self esteem to have the card shown to everyone so the league adopted a guideline that cards would not be shown and the referee would simply explain to the player what they were guilty of and also the coach. Obviously they would be sent off for a red card offense, but the card still would not be shown.

However, we found that not showing the card might diminish the meaning for older players. If a player committed a sending off offense – they should have the card shown to drive home the seriousness of their offense.

So we’ve revised our guidelines such that cards WILL be shown in U8 and above.

This may seem silly to more experienced leagues. But I’m curious if any of you out there handle yellow and red cards differently than standard FIFA.