Sadly our Fall 2005 season is winding down. Smiley We have one more weekend of regular season matches and then our tournaments begin November 5th. As chance would have it, the last matches my children play this season are set to be some of the most exciting! Smiley

My daughter’s U8 team has done very well this season (proud Daddy!). They have only lost one game (when we refused to leave our stars in and a number of younger players out the entire match like the opposing coach) and everyone has played hard and contributed to the success of the team. They face the #1 team in the division this year which is still undefeated (we tied them 1-1 last Spring). Our kids are very excited but just a little nervous. So are the coaches! We’ve been thinking about ways to mix things up and we’ll see how it goes (no not gonna spill the beans early!). One thing for sure – even if it means losing, ALL our kids will play serious minutes.

My son’s U10 team started out strong this year but we’ve hit a few bumps of late. The opponent they face tonight is made up primarily of younger players who moved up from the U8 team that won the U8 tournament last season. This team also started out strong but has hit a few bumps in the road as well. Both teams are 1 point apart in the middle of the regular season standings and have very similar goal statistics. The exciting part is my son’s U10 team (which I coach) is made up primarily of kids who moved up from the U8 team that was runner up in the U8 tournament last season! It was a 2-1 heart-breaker. So tonight will be a sort of rematch (same coaches, many of the same players) My team has worked hard this year – we just need to focus and not get frazzled on the field and we’ll do well.

Wish us luck!