As you can see, I’ve started to include some advertising on the site. No matter why you include ads, you always feel a little weird doing it. Before things were nice and clean – now there’s this ‘box’ there. I write about youth soccer because I enjoy being involved in it so much, not for any financial gain. However, Google’s Adsense program is very well done and if I can earn a couple of nickels to help pay for bandwidth or even another sleeve of water cooler cups, all the better.

I promise not to overload things. Right now its just the skyscraper in the sidebar (which was mostly empty space anyway) and the occasional banner at the top of extended posts. I may add other services here and there to mix things up a bit (like Amazon’s Associates program), but nothing flashy or distracting. And if you see something that intrigues you – click away! The Soccer Dad thanks you for the nickel!