Steve Gilliard has a wild post about Elvis Costello and Liverpool winning the European Champions Cup.  Elvis is a huge Liverpool fan and with the match on the line and Liverpool fighting back from a 3-0 deficit, he wasn’t ready to leave his television and start his concert.

Liverpool got the football score back from 3-0 to 3-3 and there was 25 minutes of normal time left. Will he wait that long? Yes he did. Slow hand clapping between background music and the crowd of middle-aged nice people started to get annoyed.

Then full time came, the TV’s went off and the band took to the stage to a bit of booing. Elvis went to the microphone and shouted "Norwich, I have only one thing to say to you – Let’s Be Having You" – a comment made by the Norwich Football Club Director, celebrity cook Delia Smith, at a recent match. This was met with more booing and a pint of beer being thrown over Costello, who was startled and almost amused.

And Elvis kept tabs on the match during the sets:

I tried my best to keep my eyes from the TV screen over the bar at the back of the room but the words "Oh s*it, he’s missed!" might have accidentally crept into the lyrics of Good Year for the Roses.

Now that’s a fan!  The audience can WAIT – there’s a match on!