So our championships are tomorrow and the weather doesn’t look that promising. But we really don’t want to postpone given how far into baseball season we are. Well, on our league officers mailing list, our ref coordinator posted this:

Here’s the way I plan to handle the situation. Of course, lightning and cancellation by the directors outweigh anything else. Aside from that, unless a jokulhaups completely washes away the refreshments booth, I plan to run the games.

Um, ok. What exactly is that? Well after most of the officers replied asking him what it meant, he replied:

A fjord & a glacier & hot water to melt the glacier = 1 big flood with rapids and mass destruction, a.k.a. "jokulhaups"

Heh – that makes it crystal clear! Smiley So feel free to use the new word of the day when you email your coaches about a potential gully washer!