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Entries for October, 2007

Folding Chairs = Weapons

Tweet Ah the folding chair. As ubiquitous a symbol of youth soccer as the mini-van. But who knew they could also be a weapon? Coaching rule #737 – Never p*ss off the Soccer Moms. They WILL ge­t you. (HT soccerisourlife)  

And There Was Much Rejoicing

Tweet ­Gulati shows Ryan the door. The Times lists a number of potential candidates, though it lacks one candidate that OSG likes for the job and I couldn’t agree more. Would she clash with the USSF? Absolutely. Would that be a bad thing? Hardly. I loved her commentary in tandem with Foudy when this all […]


Tweet Recall the post from Josh as he combed the NY Times archives for early references to soccer or football. He managed to find a tidbit from 1885 about ‘Association Football’ and I wondered which PR genius thought ‘Soccer’ was a good term. Well it turns out the term was really Sock-er. Scary. I like […]

Sorry For The Site Problems

Tweet My webhost has been having some serious issues the past couple days, so the site has been up and down. They’ve been working to fix the problems and it seems to be better now, but we’ll see if it lasts.