When I read this, I really thought it had to be a joke.

A soccer player walking to soccer practice resulted in numerous 911 calls. From BoingBoing:

From the Free Range Kids blog, the story of Lori from a small town in Mississippi, who sent her 10-year-old on foot to soccer practice, only to have him picked up by the cops, who reported “hundreds” of 911 calls by curtain-twitchers who were horrified at the thought of a 10-year-old walking a third of a mile to a local school. The cops told her she could be charged with child endangerment! After she complained to the cops, the local police chief called her to apologize and to reassure her that she lived in a safe neighborhood. The moral of the story: stand your ground when crazy people tell you that your kid needs to be swaddled in bubblewrap until she’s 22.

Click over to Free Range Kids to see the complete story. I also live in a fairly small town. Kids walk to practice here a fair amount, since our field are located near a number of neighborhoods. Especially the field rats who have been playing soccer since they were 4. Everybody knows them and often parents will give coaches or other parents a heads up that their child is coming and to watch out for them to arrive. In this case, the mother was already at the fields waiting for her son to come from home where Grandma was. We all raise our children differently, so not everyone will agree that what this mother did was right. But what shocked me was how many people, seeing a kid, presumably in soccer attire and with a ball, walking toward fields, would arouse so much concern. At least the police chief had some sense and handled the situation quite well.

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