The Hartman Group has an interesting tidbit up related to youth soccer:

22% of parents in the U.S. claim they prefer to watch their children play soccer – compared to other sports – because there is a much lower probability that their son or daughter will make a crucial mistake that causes their team to lose the game.

Unfortunately there is no reference to where this came from – I can only assume one of the group’s surveys. Knowing the survey demographic and question asked would help. But I find that an interesting tidbit all the same. I wonder why some view soccer this way. Football, basketball, baseball – any player can make a mistake that will lose the game. Sure, certain players get more attention (Goal Keepers, Quarterbacks, Pitchers, etc), but you can still get burned in many court/field sports and give up points.

Interesting, but odd. Why do you all think some parents view soccer as ‘safer’ in this context?

H/T aronvancouver