The Ref’s Cell Phone

I would never advocate heckling a referee, but this is funny:

NFHS game a couple of years ago. Game going well, decent crowd, nothing really unusual. Crowd is relatively loud, but it’s just all background noise. Until, all of a sudden, a hush falls over the stadium and you hear this one loud voice from the far side: “Hey, Ref, I have your cell phone right here. I know it’s yours ’cause there a bunch of missed calls on it.”

Now THAT’s funny. H/T FirstTouch @ NC Soccer Forums

ADDING: HAHAHA From someone commenting on the thread: “I worked with a ref who said that if either coach said that to him (call it both ways ref!), on the next ball out of play he was going to raise both arms and point in both directions for the throw-in. He would explain that was just calling it both ways.”

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