Marc Connolly weighs in. He’s wondering why Gulati is dragging this out instead of naming Bradley as head coach outright.

In the conference call, Gulati mentioned the month of May quite often when referring to when another head coach could be named. It was a bit awkward, considering that Bradley was also on the call. If anything, at least give Bradley until after the CONCACAF Gold Cup and Copa America to show what he can do, rather than continue to look for a sexier name from a higher-profile country to replace the "interim" head coach hired on Friday.

Awkward doesn’t even begin to describe it. How would you be feeling if you were Bradley right about now, especially with Interim hanging around your neck? The Manly Ferry thanks Bradley for ‘taking a bullet’ for US Soccer:

I’m pulling for Bradley, if for no better reason than he pulled people’s asses out of the fire at no small risk to his professional reputation. I’d be happier to still if he exceeded my expectations and jacked his critics.

Won’t we all…