This weeks question is a fairly simple one. Before every match, teams warm up with some kind of drills and hopefully stretching. Assuming all teams stretch (you DO stretch right?), what do you do for pre-game warm-ups? I’ve seen teams do a number of things including:

  • Shots on goal (stationary or moving balls)
  • Passing in a large circle (sometimes with defensive pressure in the middle)
  • Passing in pairs
  • Passing in lanes with a finishing shot on goal
  • Footwork exercises
  • Throw-ins between players to loosen up the upper body
  • Chip passes with ball settling

Obviously there are almost an unlimited number of things teams can do in that brief 10-20 minutes before the equipment check. I’m curious why your team might do a given activity and why.

What Area Do You Focus On In Pre-match Warmups?

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