Sorry for the light posting. I’ve been slammed with helping organize our youth soccer league for the Fall season. Plus I coach two teams (U8 and U10). Must be something in the water.

This will be our league’s first season with travel teams. We have seven Challenge level travel teams this season, from U10 up to U15. Pretty small, but for our town, not bad. We hope they all can do well. My son is on one of the U10 teams, so we’re excited to see how he does at the next level. He’s very excited and has really enjoyed practicing with his new team. The princess is in U8 and is excited to finally be one of the ‘older’ kids on the team!

We had a good turnout this fall, about 65 more kids than last Fall (up 10%). Our Spring numbers are always higher than Fall since we let 4 year olds born between August and March to play in the Spring. We also added a U14 Recreational division for the first time. We had kids who didn’t make or want to play Challenge that still wanted to play Rec. Not many, but we got enough that we decided to do a 3v3 format with 6 teams. Should be a lot of fun. I’ll keep you all posted.

In keeping with the youth focus of this blog, there was a lot of interesting debate on our board about various topics this summer that should be good for a few posts. Stay tuned!